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Human Resource September 7, 2017

Is Uberisation of Workforce Fast Becoming a Reality?

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In the unpredictable world of tech startups, you cannot place a safe bet on any aspect. These ‘disruptive’ businesses are writing new chapters every day, from creating new records in attracting funds from VCs andskyrocketing valuations to redefining the workplace culture. Open offices garnered much attention and many startups followed suit by demolishing the walls that separated seniors and their subordinates.

The latest development is indeed ‘uberisation’ of the workforce, a concept where employees will not commit themselves to specific roles, 9 to 5 timings, project or even a particular enterprise. Job doers will be moved across projects and companies, all driven by the dem and and supply forces prevalent in the market. Uberisation promises a paradigm shift in how the majority of the labourforce accomplishes tasks and is compensated for doing so.

The key here is that it is not all about the convenience of workers. With growing competition and margins getting thinner every passing day, companies too need a strategic combination of permanently hired and briefly recruited staff. Growing incidents of layoffs and delayed salary appraisals dem and a prudent perusal of the uberisation model where companies would not need to spend on employees that are on the bench awaiting a new project or on those who put in their labours for only a few hours out of their 9-hour work shift. 

Another groundbreaking phenomenon that adds to this story is the rising clout of the blockchain. Who doesn’t know about the digital currency ‘Bitcoin’ and its extraordinary rise against other world currencies? But this isn’t limited to currency alone. Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is not too far from becoming a reality. DAO is a form of organization which does not have any bosses. Rather, it is run through computer programs enabled rules called smart contracts.The first of such an enterprise that was established as a decentralized VC fund could not take off to greater heights owing to a hack that robbed the company of some million USD.

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Still, this hasn’t deterred risk-takers. While blockchain based DAOs can be termed as more radical, Uberisation is already being replicated in organizations as big as Infosys and Wipro. The idea of on-dem and workers doesn’t need to prove its viability since it is an open truth that more and more technology-driven jobs are becoming obsolete and redundant. Hence more and more firms exploring the model and adopting it as per their needs is inevitable.

This in turn also rings an alarm bell for those who feel being hired by a large corporate on back of educational qualifications is all you need to survive in this cut-throat job market. It’s high time job-seekers and employees focus on skilling and re-skilling to stay relevant in the market. Time has come that work alone will be rewarded; the number of hours one devotes to the job and real yieldwill determine the payout.

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