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Before submitting your article, we strongly recommend to please refer to “Our Guidelines” first.



 Our Guidelines

  1. Any article submitted to us must be original and exclusive to Suvipra
  2. The article should be short ranging from one to three pages (i.e. maximum 1200 words)
  3. Suvipra accepts submissions on any topic related to business, accounting and finance for online publication
  4. We reserve the right to edit all submissions for clarity and the same shall be published only after the writer’s due permission in case edited
  5. The article will be published under your name along with other details as provided in the form
  6. Please allow us five business days (i.e., excluding weekends and holidays) to review your work; we cannot accept for review any submissions that do not allow for this timeframe. Also, please do not submit follow-up emails inquiring as to your submission's status. If you have not heard from us after five business days have elapsed, feel free to submit your article elsewhere
  7. For any further clarification, you are requested to mail your queries to

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