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Business - Managing and Growing September 14, 2017

Building the Website Isn’t Enough. Here’s what to do next!

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Those eye-catching adverts, promising upward trend in your business by simply bringing it online by way of building a website, do not inform you of vital stats that may take the sheen off this much-acclaimed hosting business. Thous ands of new websites are built every day,butthe sad truth is a considerable number out of these fail to attract visitors.

This means although you expended immense labor and money on designing and developing a website for your product or service unless you are committed to devoting continuous hard work, the entire process will reap no results. Ask yourself. Apart from a h andful of websites, do you ever take the pain of visiting a webpage by feeding the exact domain name into the space provided at the top of your web browser? Most of us depend on Google’s search engine to do the task for us.

Same is the case with the website of yours that just went live or is in the process of becoming an online reality. What do you need to enable or guide your probable customer log into your website? Here we list some essential elements.

  1. Building the Mobile-version A substantial portion of your overall visitors will comprise of those who will use a smartphone, not a desktop or laptop, to view your website. You can go for a mobile-friendly template or if your pockets allow you can have a separate design for the mobile version. A large chunk of business will be lost if you fail to do so.
  1. Track your Traffic–A vast array of products is available, many of these free of cost, to track the traffic of your website. The analytics data thus available at your disposal will help you devise the strategy for future. It is interesting to note that Google Analytics can be added as a plug-in to your host, for say if you are using WordPress hosting services. Moreover, it can be customized to show only preferred data, including in-depth page reports.
  1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization has attracted wide interest. However, it remains a foggy area when actually implemented. If improving ranks on search engine were such easy a task, fights would have erupted every second for which the website is displayed at the top when a keyword is punched into the search bar. For productive and result-oriented SEO, rely on good content and wise use of keywords.
  1. Use Social Media to your Advantage–Most hosting providers allow simultaneous posting on the website and social media pages including Facebook and Twitter. A like and share on a social media platform can trigger wide reach of your content. Not only will the subscribers to your social media h andle view your content, but they will also initiate a cycle of shares and re-tweets, an exercise that turns a few lucky posts ‘viral’.
  1. Blogging–Content is the king, and we mean it. Any search engine’s algorithm that decides which website to be displayed on the top of search results relies extensively on the quality of content uploaded on a particular website. Blogs can help you win the battle with your competitors. The length of these blogs and frequency of their uploading will depend on your area of service besides your capacity to generate good content.

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4 responses to “Building the Website Isn’t Enough. Here’s what to do next!”

  1. Shantanu Sharma says:

    Blogging does help a lot.

  2. Lakshmi Narain says:

    Seo is important too but requires heavy budget

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